It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do. That’s why we’re committed to helping doulas, birth workers, health professionals and the people we are all aiming to support through the challenges of life.

Refugee Doula Support Initiative

Our statement of Doula Support and Solidarity became a live call for direct action in March and April 2022.

The EDN is an international network of doulas working to a shared Ethical Code. International doulas, who also share these ethics, are connecting to offer their support to refugee women and Ukrainian refugee doulas across Europe. 

The Doula Solidarity and Support hub was set up in response to the current war and refugee crisis on 1st of April and now counts 199 members including over 80 Ukrainian doulas: living in Ukraine and as refugee doulas, hosted in countries all across Europe.

It has been carefully organised by country and theme so doulas can personally connect and share doula resources in the languages needed in that country. It is here that referrals are made when a doula is requested by a refugee.

Donate towads a rebozo

Debra Pascali-Bonaro, in collaboration with the EDN Doula Solidarity and Support initiative, is pleased to launch a fundraiser to donate rebozos to Ukrainian doulas providing care to Ukrainians who are giving birth far from their home and without partners. 

Since many of the Ukrainian doulas had to leave their home without their birth bags and supplies, including their rebozos, we hope to provide them with this special gift of comfort and love. 

Rebozos are especially nurturing for people experiencing trauma and provide a nurturing touch to those where physical touch is not safe. 

40 Ukrainian doulas have received rebozos from Mexico and there are some more who would love to receive one thanks to your contribution. 

Your donation will not only support the Ukrainian doulas receiving a rebozo, it will also support the Mexican weavers and the building of a “birth home”. 

When you donate (towards) a rebozo, 2 Dollars from the cost of each rebozo will also be donated to Doña Caridad. She is a traditional midwife who is building a birth home “La Paloma Azul” at San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

We look forward to and thank you for your support!

EDN Offer of Doula Solidarity and Support 

EDN Offer of Doula Solidarity and Support 

As reported by the UNHCR, over 4 million refugees have left Ukraine, while more than 2 million people are internally displaced. Meanwhile, the UNFPA reports that 80,000 Ukrainian women are due to give birth in the next three months. 

The EDN stands unified and strong in its solidarity and support of doulas from Ukraine wanting to support mothers everywhere. 

The EDN wishes to raise awareness within medical and social welfare institutions, humanitarian organisations, local communities and via local, national and international media.

International doula support is available during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, for refugee women who are separated from partners, family, friends and communities, unable to speak local languages.

  • Ukrainian doulas currently support women within Ukraine, when possible.

  • Ukrainian refugee doulas want to support Ukrainian refugee women in host countries. 

  • European doulas want to provide support to Ukrainian doulas and vulnerable women.

Our doulas offer continuity of presence and kindly reassurance at times of greatest need, in accordance with the EDN Code of Ethics. A doula’s role is: • non-medical • to listen respectfully without judgement • to inform of available options and resources without bias • to connect with relevant professionals and community networks.

The EDN now has a dedicated international refugee doula support group in collaboration with its Ukrainian members: the Ukrainian Doulas of «Semitsvit» Center: доулами Центру «Семицвіт» and the Association of Natural Parenting Specialists (AFPB): Асоціацією фахівців з природного батьківства (АФПБ). In this group Ukrainian refugee doulas, and doulas offering support, are able to privately share referrals, community contacts and translated resources, all organised according to host country. 

Our 36 member doula organisations, in 20 countries, including Ukraine, are ready to channel all requests for doula support and translations of resources. The EDN Statement of Doula Solidarity and Support (in more than 10 languages) provides full background to this initiative.

We encourage you to help us raise awareness within your spheres of influence, about the role of doulas, and the support being offered by Ukrainian doulas and doulas offering pro bono care to pregnant refugee women and mothers.