This is one of the simplest and most essential elements of the European Doula Network.
Through a pandemic, through war, through all the challenges that face our societies right now, getting together socially is what makes us individually more capable and more resilient.

Open to all doulas, from everywhere and anywhere, we hold international online chats, featuring breakout rooms where small groups of doulas can chat with doulas from different countries and continents, find out about shared realities and discover the different challenges we doulas experience!

English is the main language of communication, but kindness, patience and understanding are in all our hearts!

EDN Conferences

EDN Annual Conferences

We’re a family of diverse, yet like-minded women, using our passion skills and knowledge to make a difference. We share many stories and experiences, attend workshops and talk about our challenges, dreams, projects and ideas.

"Virtual" Cuddles

Doula Hearts and Souls Online
The distances between us are immense, stretching to the edges of our continent and beyond. Funnily enough, we still find the magic spring of oxytocin even bubbles up in little squares on screens.

Future Events

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  • 2023 Spain: Madrid
  • 2024 France
  • 2025 Lithuania
  • 2026 Turkey
  • 2027 Portugal

Member's Events

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“A cuddle of doulas” 

There is often a very special magic which happens when doulas get together! Somebody has even suggested that the collective name for a group of doulas should be 'a cuddle of doulas', just as you would say 'a flock of doves', 'a pride of lions' or ‘a pod of dolphins'. The nature of being a doula is to become a harmonious part of the intimate world of other people, emotionally supporting them during periods of existential transition and life changes: most commonly at the beginning of life, but also during other key moments, including the end of life. The qualities of open-heartedness, empathy, warmth and sincerity are perhaps the most elemental that draw doulas together, along with a healthy curiosity to help understand more deeply what we have in common as well as how our situations may be different. 

Every autumn, doulas from one of our EDN member organisations invite doulas from everywhere to join together (in person, when possible!) at our annual conference, featuring festivities, meetings, workshops and seminars. This is always an inspiring opportunity to celebrate our rich diversity, while forging deep and lasting connections between doulas and doula organisations both within and between countries.  

When we meet in person, the desire to share our knowledge is complemented by being drawn into often profound shared moments of expression and creativity, through music, singing, dancing and collaborative art. Celebrating, sharing food and drink, sharing moments of laughter and tears, as well as the privilege of glimpsing insights into local cultural traditions and customs, all help create unforgettable bonds and friendships. 

As we are scattered across a whole continent, and recently faced by the requirements of physical distancing, we have improvised and invented ways to keep these remote connections alive. In our online events, doulas have brought candles and colourful textiles, shawls and blankets, ‘the wiggling fingers’ gesture to show appreciation and interludes with music, singing, dancing and even eating cake! As ever with doulas, the challenges we face are met with resourcefulness, resilience and creativity. 

At the very heart of the EDN is a smaller ‘cuddle’ of volunteers who believe so passionately in the the EDN that they contribute many hours throughout the year with the aim of building a warm fire around which doulas from all across the network are drawn to connect with each other, share their wisdom and support each other through the challenges they face. 

Doula member representatives and friends also actively contribute and participate online via the forum and circle and are the point of flow between the network and their local members in each organisation and country. Active engagement brings the fruit of greater connectedness to all, bringing vitality and energy into the heart of the network and keeping the flame burning bright.

In Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn we invite contributions from our members (including in their own language) for our Newsletter and this is a wonderful place to start looking if you wish to know more about us, the doulas of the European Doula Network. 

We are also connected with other doula or birth community organisations, for example ICI: International Childbirth Initiative, Prenatal Allicance and ENCA.