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  • 2022 - EDN Volunteers have worked tirelessly on the last two online EDN conferences (a number working for both 2020 and 2021 conferences) and this year we wish for a wave of peace and loving kindness to flow between all doulas, everywhere. So, in place of an online or live EDN conference this year we ask everyone to pause, breathe, and find a way to manifest the warmth of doula love through doula connections in your own beautiful ways!
  • 2023 Turkey
  • 2024 France
  • 2025 Lithuania

EDN 2021 Online Conference

We miss being together sharing all our senses, but last year's experience proved that, despite the distances between us, our minds and souls connect even though our bodies may be far apart. EDN events have a habit of bringing us together in moments of shared vitality and inspiration!

EDN 2021  - Our speakers

Hazel Acland Tree 

is a doula, childbirth educator, women's circle facilitator and rites of passage celebrant. She is a director of a not-for-profit organisation called The Nest Southwest CIC, supporting women and girls through the transitions of menstruation, pregnancy, birth and menopause. She is also the representative for Doula UK and lives in rural SW England growing organic vegetables, making sourdough and keeping bees.

Firas K. Cha'ban 

is an obstetrician and general gynaecologist in GZA St. Vincentius hospital in Antwerp.

He was born in Sofia, Bulgaria - from n Bulgarian mother and a Syrian father, and has been living in Belgium for almost 40 years now. 

Eva Vergaelen 

is a doula, yoga teacher and group facilitator. She writes on and works for Adem vzw.

Caroline Devulder 

(also known as Caromama) is a Belgian doula and birth photographer. For 6 years she has been photographing births, giving parents the possibility to have a flashback to the most profound moment of their life. Caroline has won several awards during these years and cannot wait to share her knowledge and experience as a doula photographer with you. 

Veerle Peeters

is a doula, breastfeeding counsellor, HypnoBirthing practitioner and babywearing consultant living in Belgium. She is president of the Flemish Federation of Doulas and a freelance doula trainer. Within EDN she is the doula of 'mama-doula' Florencia. She loves to work as a group to let the network flow and grow. In her free time she loves to dance and hike. 

Ingrid Bal 

is chair of the Postnatal Support Network (PSN) charity, yoga teacher, trainer and a passionate gardener. She has dedicated the last 10 years to study and practice conscious pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood from different traditions. The PSN charity’s objective, which she helped build with two of her mentors, is to promote a 40-day rest-and-bonding time after birth by informing parents and training supporters. 

Florencia Sabio Lhande

is from Argentina and has lived in Barcelona, Spain for more than 20 years. She is passionate about being able to accompany other people who need help during pregnancy, birth and postpartum and decided to organize doula training courses. In 2010 she discovered EDN and got involved in collaborating in weaving stronger doula networks across Europe. She is the Mama Doula of EDN, currently works with the EDN Office team, helping to coordinate a group of 16 wonderful women to help grow the network in the best possible way.


Herman Buurman 

is the author of the book Giving Birth (Overcome fears, limiting beliefs and physical discomfort during pregnancy and childbirth with the ThetaHealing® technique). In his work as a healing practitioner he seeks to offer information and insight to birth workers who wish to guide pregnant women and their partners to free themselves from limiting beliefs and to give birth how and where they want, with confidence. Herman has several years of experience helping pregnant women to overcome trauma, limiting beliefs and

pregnancy-related physical complaints. 

Kathlien Bridoux 

is 35 years old and the mother of a son of 8. Since the pregnancy of her son, she has been passionate about mothers and babies. As a bodyworker and doula, she has been working with many mothers during pregnancy and motherhood, accompanying them to trust their innate strength and intuition and being a guide to help them discover themselves as a mother and find who they have become after the birth of their child. Given the lack of awareness of the importance of the postpartum culture and the suffering caused by this, she started offering postpartum care packages to her clients and has felt very fulfilled by the value of this work.

Jennifer Neupane-Duin (NL) 

is a certificated Pralaya & Hatha Yoga Alliance 200 (&500) yoga instructor, taught by: Dorinda Farver (Yogasite USA/NL: Hatha Yoga & Kundalini Yoga) and Robert Boustany (Pralaya Studios USA, TX: Pralaya Yoga)

A selection of other teachers and further training: Nicky Forman (Yogaforms Israel: Kundalini Yoga & Aruna Yoga), Francoise Henriette Freedman (Birth Light UK: Pelvic Toning), Erin Foley / Usha Anandi (Womben Wellness India/USA: Yoga Alliance Continuing Education), Dinah Rodiques (Brazil)/ Sylvia Mullaart-Bonn (YogaAntwerp BE: Hormon Yoga), Dhr. S.N. Goenka (true to tradition from Sayagyi U Ba Khin) - Multiple Vipassana Meditation retreats (abroad) and Buddism Doctorine (University of Cambridge, UK). 


Danie Reniers 

is a 36-year-old woman, wife, mother of 2 little ones (6 and 3,5), curious about life, creative and open to possibilities. She was transformed and inspired by motherhood and immersed herself in all aspects of it. When she thinks back to her own postpartum experience and the experiences of many other women, she sees suffering, mainly because of a lack of knowledge and support. She feels inspired to be part of awakening the consciousness of the need to bring back the "support of the village" that is so necessary during postpartum, which is such an exceptional and transformative time in the lives of women. It really does take a village to raise a child and to support a mother so she can take care of her baby. Danie is loving what she does as a birth and postpartum doula and is doing what she really loves most. For an insight into which postpartum services she offers: (in Dutch).

Sophie Van Cauwelaert 

(on the right)  is a midwife and co-founder of the Flemish initiative 'Together for Respectful Birth'. In addition, she works as an independent midwife in a small-scale, holistic practice. As a HypnoBirthing instructor, she guides couples towards more confidence in their own body and the birth process. Recently she became a postnatal doula and this year she is following the training for birth doula. 

Ruth Sneyers (on the left)  works as an independent midwife in Brussels, She is a mother of two, and (sometimes) studies towards obtaining a masters degree. She is a feminist, and together with Sophie, she started "Together for Respectful Birth", or in Dutch "Samen voor Respectvolle Geboorte". In everything she does, she tries to show people the different choices/options they have and tries to respect whatever they choose. She is looking forward to meeting us all! 

 Lieve Huybrechts 

started as a midwife in 1979. She worked in the maternity ward and delivery room for 20 years. In 1999 she started a home birth practice as an independent midwife. There she worked with colleagues and parents to provide care, from preconception until a year after the birth. She cares for mothers in all kinds of settings: home births or hospital. Her calling lies within physiological birth and woman-centered care. She is the "knitting midwife" who doesn’t disturb the sacred space of birth. Lieve makes the connection between various birth caregivers to improve human rights in childbirth. 
 Lieve is a daughter, mother, midwife, grandmother, sister and friend. Recently Lieve retired from practical work but she is still active in (Flemish midwifery organisation) and (group of independent midwives). Lieve is very interested in the combination of science, common sense and experience in her work. She has a deep knowledge of birth physiology and has a critical view on protocols and guidelines. She fights for midwifery-led care, continuity of care and for the autonomy of woman and midwife. Lieve loves to share her knowledge with other birthworkers and is a coach and mentor for several colleagues.