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Doula Associations & Training Programmes

The EDN is an engaging and inspiring grassroots movement that thrives on the energy of all its members. 

Each member nominates up to 2 representatives who help the communication flow between the EDN and the member organisation's doulas. 

Different membership contributions are possible.

Annual fee scale
(pay what you can)

€50 / €75 / €100 - €500

membership is
per organisation
per calendar year
January - December

Friends of the EDN

For individual doulas or doula-supporting individuals and organisations.

Membership includes an invitation to join the EDN forum and social media circle.

Annual fee

membership is
per calendar year
January - December

EDN Volunteers: Representatives and Office

The EDN is a beautiful social project powered by members, representatives and a core of wonderful doulas devoting the time they can to helping the EDN flourish and thrive.

We all have varying commitments and rely on kindness and open communication to ensure everyone is getting the support they need in their role. 

Doula Solidarity and Support

Any doula who agrees with and follows the EDN values and Code of Ethics, can join together to offer their support to women in vulnerable situations across Europe. 

The Doula Solidarity and Support hub connects doulas who wish to offer support through the ongoing refugee crises of people fleeing other places affected by conflict, environmental disasters or economic instability. 

It now has 200 members and has been carefully organised by country and theme so doulas can connect and share resources and referrals.

Find out more about us and keep up to date with EDN

European Doula Network - get in touch! 

If you are looking for doula support in Europe, please contact our member organisations directly. They will be able to help connect you with potential doula support.


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Doulas and doula organisations sometimes need extra help or support to attend events, develop projects or cover membership dues. Contact us regarding sponsorship and we will see if we can help.